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About Us

Silwana Diamond Investment is a group of companies comprising of various sub companies which are merged corporately but still retained their individual identities. This strategy allows the subsidiaries to effectively mobilize their expertise and resources to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

We have built a sizable portfolio of investments and our focus is on creating and optimizing value on shareholders’ interest through our continuous effort to building a long-term sustainable group of companies.

Our History

Silwana Diamond is a diversified financial, commercial, and technological entity. The history of Silwana Diamond goes back to 2011 in Cairo, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and from there it moved to Sudan, then Jordan, and then the United Arab Emirates in 2018 to achieve the centrality of the entity's construction and development. The entity acquires several areas through its divisions, companies, and geographical affiliates, which are incubated within the entity to complete the organization's system. Technologically, the entity works through its technological arm to create, sell, and distribute software in relation to several dimensions in the fields of life and business.


To build trust and equity, create and optimize value on shareholders’ interest and net-worth through our continuous effort to build long–term relationships with our stakeholders and identifying growth opportunities in various industries of interest.


In line with our corporate vision, Our Vision 2030 is a bold commitment to finish what we have started, and to be a global entity in all shapes and dimensions by 2030. This includes targeting the most profitable projects, and increasing essential resources and services.


We have identified core values that frame our actions across all our business interests while taking into consideration the ethical values underpinning Islamic religion. Our corporate culture and values are an essential foundation to help us move forward and improve our performance. • Transparency • Unity • Commitment • Honesty